E5 is a wonderful ministry of Christian men praying and fasting for women on every first Wednesday of the month. “E5” refers to Ephesians chapter 5, about how spouses should give of themselves completely to each other, husbands in life-giving sacrifice and wives in trusting submission.

While the men pray and fast on the first Wednesday, women are asked to pray to receive the prayers and the graces gained by them. In addition to being receptive to the prayers and graces, I think I shall offer prayers for men in return: prayers of thanks to the E5 men for their sacrifices; prayers of thanks to God for the E5 men and for the fact that there are still men in our world who are willing to follow Christ even to the point of sacrificing themselves; and prayers that all Catholic men be willing to do so.

Of course, I will be praying especially for my future husband, that he be, or become, that kind of man. As a single woman, I am painfully aware that such heroic men seem to be very scarce. But I often wonder if that necessarily has to be the case. I think that society, and even the Church, have failed to call men to heroism and to hold them up to the standard of being Christ-like. We have failed to expect greatness from them, and they have failed to expect greatness from themselves. I have been as guilty of that failure as anybody. I think it is one of the rotten fruits of so-called feminism.

But I do believe in men, and I do believe in the power of prayer. So I am sure that something good will come of my prayers. Are any ladies with me?