Happy new year to all, merry 8th day of Christmas, and a blessed Solemnity of Mary Mother of God! I am starting the new year with a blog post, so that hopefully I will make a habit of blogging more regularly. Yes, I know you’ve heard that before, but I really mean it! Really really!

I have very good feelings about 2012. I feel a special energy and joy and hope for this year. Never mind all the doom-sayers who are sure the world is ending this year!

I hope everybody is having a good Christmas. I spent it with my family in Savannah, Georgia. I attended Mass at the glorious Cathedral of St. John the Baptist; that was a highlight of the trip for me, but even moreso, I enjoyed spending the time with my mother and sister and brother-in-law.

I’m guessing many of you were surprised that I didn’t post a great big article extolling the greatness of the new, corrected English translation of the Roman Missal, given how often I’ve expressed excitement about it. Well, to put it briefly and mildly, I have not been disappointed! :D I think it is beautiful, majestic, elegant, elevated, and uplifting. I think it allows the English language to shine most radiantly. It reminds me of how beautiful our language can be.

I was shocked–shocked, I tell you–that I noticed absolutely no adverse effects among the congregations I have been part of. Nobody running from the church screaming and pulling their hair out because the new words were so confoundedly alien and difficult. I mean, given the furor I heard/read during the lead up to this fateful first Sunday of Advent, I thought surely there would be at least a few people snapping and breaking down. Maybe a few ears bleeding. Maybe even a head or two exploding. But no, not one. Could it be, dare I say, that the complainers, the protesters, the rebels, and the scoffers who permeated the liberal secular and “catholic” media didn’t actually represent the vast majority of Catholics in the pew? Or have I merely been fortunate to be in congregations dominated by sane people, or at least people polite enough to keep their complaints to themselves? What has your experience been in the wake of Translation Apocalypse? Has your corner of the world ended or . . . not so much?

One thing I’ve noticed is that the music has improved dramatically in some parishes I have visited, since we’ve had to come up with new settings for the new translation. Again, no awful adverse effects that I’ve seen.

With that, dear readers, I pray that you enjoy a wonderful and richly blessed new year! May God and Mary and the hosts of Heaven be with you always!