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 From NASA’s NuStar Project:

Is it not amazing what we can do these days?  Seriously, pinpointing black holes in a galaxy 7 million light-years away!  It wasn’t that long ago that scientists didn’t believe black holes really existed.  Just a strange quirk in the mathematics of relativity, perhaps.  And now they’ve even caught a glimpse of the black hole at the center of our own galaxy:

Found via Father Z, this is absolutely amazing:  live footage of the total solar eclipse that occurred August 1st, taken in western China.  I’ve never seen a total solar eclipse live before, and it is truly glorious!

I’ve always found eclipses to be a wondrous thing, and a sign of an ingenious and purposeful Creator.  Not only that, but also a Creator who loves to surprise and delight us!  What are the chances that the moon would appear exactly the same size as the sun from Earth?  And that seeing them interact would be such a thrilling and enchanting experience?  Accident?  Coincidence?  Nonsense!

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