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Via Catholic World News, I found the USCCB’s newly-launched site that introduces the new English translation of the Roman Missal!

Among other things, they provide a nice summary of changes in the text.

“Consubstantial” here we come!  :D

Well… eventually.  It’s still not clear when the new translation will actually be implemented.  You know it can’t happen quickly enough for me!  But at least the text is becoming more accessible and people can start familiarizing themselves with it.  I can’t imagine anybody not being moved by the new language, once they get familiar with it.


Found via New Liturgical Movement:  The USCCB has issued copies of the new translation of the Order of the Mass, recently approved by the Vatican, for purposes of preparation and catechesis. You can find them here; scroll to the bottom for PDF copies of the entire text, as well as separate copies of each Eucharistic Prayer.

I love the translation and am glad that at least the Order of the Mass is finished.  Alas, it will still take a while for the translation to be implemented, but it will be well worth the wait!

I know it’s pretty old news by now.  I’ve been meaning to comment on it, but thought it best to maintain custody of my lips (and fingers).

At this point, of course, no response of mine could possibly top The Curt Jester’s, which I respectfully reproduce here in its full glory for your viewing pleasure and mine:

By now I am sure that you have heard that the US bishops rejected the proposed translation of Roman Missal. I do have an exclusive thought.  The bishops have sent along some guidance to the International Commission for English in the Liturgy (ICEL) as to what would be acceptable. The following are some actual example pages shown.

Along with some rubrics for the GIRM.

Bishop Trautman called the sample changes “Great for both John and Mary Catholic and Dick and Jane Catholic.” Catholic blogger Father Z called these proposals ineffable and that he would rather be strung up on a gibbet than use this translation for Mass.

To which Father Z replied:  “Darn right!”

Let us all pray for our bishops and for a proper translation of our liturgical texts!

Julie at Happy Catholic has posted some capital commentary about the contretemps surrounding the new translation of our liturgical texts. 

For my part, I’ve been too nonplussed by the whole kerfuffle to comment cogently.

I think I’ve hinted at my feelings about the new translations, but just in case:  I want them done splendidly, and I want them done posthaste.  And if they include words to stimulate and captivate my mind and spirit, that shall be more than copacetic!

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